Started Quilting the Wallhanging

I’ve gotten started quilting this wall hanging.

Wall Hanging Beginning Quitling

Wall Hanging Beginning Quitling

I suffered through much indecision about how I should go about quilting. Using photoshop, I envisioned free-motion-quilting grandeaur, but when it came time to put needle to the fabric, I couldn’t do it. I didn’t trust my skills enough.

To get me over the hump and moving on this project, I stick with simple and easy. I’m using my regular presser foot on this (my walking foot broke 😦 ) and I’m just echoing the piecing. I’m using cream colored thread for both the cream and the light green and switching to purple thread for the purple section. At this point, I’m not planning on doing any quilting in the dark green section, but if I do, I have matching thread for that.

Wall hanging quilting

Close up of the wall hanging quilting



Circle of Flying Geese Blocks

Paper pieced circle of geese blocks

Paper pieced circle of geese blocks

I’ve been seeing many versions of this pattern around the internet and I think it’s because it’s so wonderful and fun! I’m not sure if there’s more than one pattern out there, but I downloaded my free pattern from here.

To be honest, I have no idea what I’m going to do with these, I’ve got a vision in my head for a completed quilt top, but I don’t think that these will be a priority for me to work on.

It was just fun to hone my paper piecing skills a bit. 🙂