The New House

So, once again, life has kept me from the blog for awhile. However, the reasons are so fun and exciting that it’s hard for me to feel bad about neglecting my blog. My life activity of the moment is that my husband and I have become homeowners! While exciting, it also has a good bit of stress and work tied along with it. This update on the house is going to interrupt the Spring Chicken Sampler quilt for a while, mostly because I’ve been dismantling and moving my craft room. I promise, I’ll return to it, just as soon as I get it unpacked!

Here’s a tour of my beautiful home. I’ve now got the sitting, dining and living room painted as well as a new dining room table, so that will be an update as soon as I get some pictures taken of that. Also, I’m currently in the process of setting up my craft room, so I will absolutely get updates of that on here. Stay tuned! (PS: please excuse the mess as some of the pics were taken during painting.)

Click on the pictures to view larger.