One Hat’s Beginning and End

This post isn’t as happy as some of the others. It’s the story of two skeins of yarn that dreamed of becoming a hat. Sadly, they ended up a tangled mess of yarn that got shoved (with more than a little frustration) into the bottom-most parts of my knitting bag.

The pattern is called Vortex and is fun and interesting and more than a little unique. (I was planning on doing the version without the point on top.) It uses a technique called short rows to make the fun swirls. I thought this would be a good pattern to use to learn about short rows. Apparently not…

There is hope in the future. I want to return to the pattern someday, maybe with some funner (is that a word??) colored yarn. For those of you who have been steady readers of this blog (‘sup, Mom), you may notice this yarn is the same colors as the last hat I did. Didn’t like the colors much then, either, but using up old yarn saves on the (dreadfully tiny) craft budget (so I can go spend in on other things!!! wait….)

Here’s the pics of the short lived hat as it was in its glory. Not too long after these pictures were taken, there was nothing left but knots and bad stitches.

I plan on returning next week with more successful stories of knittery (hopefully).

Partial Vortext Hat

Little did the hat know what its future held in store...



Grad Gift is Gifted!

Part of my high school graduation gift to my little sister was a pair of fingerless gloves. I think they’re wonderful and she really seemed to like them, too. *Whew!*

This was my first adventure in cabling and I think I did a good job on them, even if I do say so myself. They were not distorted and both gloves matched. Mission accomplished.

I bought the pattern at a LYS in Independence, Knitcraft Yarn Shop on the square. If you want to see how it’s suppose to look , there’s a picture of it here.