Gifting and Shopping

The time has finally come when my knitting is going to spread forth in the land. Or, in other words, I now feel confident in my skills to make my first project that will be given away. I’d say to who, but on the incredibly off-chance that this person stumbles across my blog (not likely since I think my only steady reader is my mom. Hi, Mom!), I’ll wait to say who will be the first lucky victim recipient of this gift.

It’s another set of fingerless gloves. My personal opinion is that they’re going to be even more fabulous than the last pair. I’ll wait till the end to finalize that opinion, though.

Part of the adventure of this project was discovering the closest LYS to me. (For those of you that are like I was about a month ago and had no idea what LYS is, it stands for Local Yarn Shop.) I’ve now discovered the wonderful treat that is shopping for yarn at a shop with oodles of beautiful yarn. Oodles might be overestimating (it was a small shop) but it felt like oodles. 🙂

I also was lucky to find the perfect pattern there as well. I’d been looking around, but hadn’t loved anything all that much. This pattern is perfect because it’s not only simple overall, it’s got a simple cable on it as well. It’s my first cable, so simple is good. So far, so good. My cable isn’t as clear as the cable in pattern’s picture, but it’s still pretty good.

Right fingerless glove nearly completed

Close to being done with the first glove


Warm hands are here!

I am so excited. I have completed a pair of wonderful fingerless gloves. Purple, of course and cozy. 🙂 It was definitely fun to work on making the second glove exactly like the first one, and, in my opinion, I succeeded.

Also, I could tell how much faster I’m knitting now: I was able to finish the second glove in less than a day. I visited my parents house after church on a Sunday and finished the glove somewhere around dinner time. Whooohoo!

The other project I completed is a crochet bag. I’d like to say that I started and finished this bag in one week, however, that wouldn’t be anywhere close to true. In fact, I started this bag over two years ago. I know, I’m a little sad about having to admit it. Part of why I got stuck was the handle. The way the pattern called to finish the handle was going to give a nice, strong handle. However, the stitch to do it was tedious and painful. Yes, this is the same bag mentioned here.

While at knitting group, one of the ladies had a pattern book with her and in it was a pattern for a bag very similar to mine. So what did I do? I stole the idea for how to finish the bag from that book. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, right? After two years, at least it’s finally complete.