Who is Lady Reed?

HeadShot_BWHi, I’m Mary, nice to see you here! During the week, I am a web developer (.NET and ColdFusion mostly, for my fellow geeks), but on evenings and weekends, I turn into an avid sewer and crafter! Quilting has been my most prolific craft lately, and I truly love to do it! Sewing of any kind interests me as well as knitting and the occasional crochet.

I’ve had this blog for a year and half now. Originally , my goals were:

one, to try to keep myself accountable to finishing projects that I’ve started, two, to be able to see the progress I’m making on a project, and, three, (hopefully) to be able to see overall improvement in my crafting abilities.

I would say that to this point, I’ve accomplished those goals!  I feel like my hobbies have gone from homemade, with all the quirks that implies, to handmade, useful and beautiful.

I want to give myself some new goals to keep me focused going forward. First, I’d like to use this blog to connect and share with other crafters who have the same love for sewing and crafting that I do. Second, I’d like to focus my interests to really find what’s my preferred styles and skills. I tend to hop around and go with what sounds good. That’s not always a bad thing, but I’d like to find my “home base” of crafting. My third goal now is the same as my original third goal: to see continued growth in my skills and passions, as I feel like I’ve still got a long way to go!

Here’s to the journey; I’d love to have you with me as I go.


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