Finished this week

I was able to finish another dish cloth this week. I know, there’s been a lot of dish cloths in my life lately, but I promise, there’s a reason beyond too many dishes to do. 🙂

The first ones I did where as basic as they get so they were good to learn on and practice the basics of knitting on. This last one I did was done in rounds on double pointed needles, but still wasn’t too complicated. So, now I can say that I know how to work in the round.

And it’s pretty, too! 😉


Newish Projects

I was on such a role last week, finishing 2 dishclothes! This week, however….. not so much of a role. I was short a few supplies for the next projects I wanted to work on, so instead of working on anything… I went shopping! Yay! 🙂

I was able to hit some good MLK Jr day Sales at both Hobby Lobby and Joann’s. Came home with stuff for my next 2 knitting projects, my wedding scrapbook project and my next sewing project (which is already sort of started).

I did work a little on this bag I’ve been crocheting. It’s down to tedious, painful stage, although nearly done. I might go with sewing cloth handles just to avoid having to crochet this tedious way. We’ll see… 🙂

Now that I’ve had the fun of shopping, I’m ready for the fun of starting (or in some cases finishing) some more projects! 🙂

This Week’s Projects

After a slow start to the week, project-wise, I was able to pick it up and finish 2 dishcloths. Mostly, this was due to visiting N’s parents this last weekend and being able to sit and knit for most of the day. Yay for relaxing family visits! 🙂

The first one has a frog pattern on it (really hard to see) and the second has a tulip (only slightly less difficult to see).

My handywork!

These are two of my latest projects. The blue one is a dishcloth for my mom. It’s 2 of 2 dishcloths that I made for her; the first one had a butterfly on it, the second one (this one) has a flower on it.

The green one is a dishcloth for myself. It’s a frog pattern. For the second one for me, I think it will be the butterfly. Maybe I’ll do a new pattern, we’ll see! 🙂 (If you’re wondering, one skein of yarns is enough yarn for two cloths, that’s why I’m doing them in twos.)

That’s all for now, happy crafting! 🙂