New Additions to the Sewing Room

I got some very good deals this Black Friday and am so excited to sew with them! I’d been researching both things so when I saw these deals I knew they were pretty good. They weren’t super super amazing (I’ve seen these numbers on sale before), but it was more about the price being right at the right time for me. 🙂

So, without further ado, meet Sally, my new dress form and my new Singer serger! (Angels singing……………..!)

Singer serger - Pro Finish

Singer serger – Pro Finish

I have no idea how to serge anything, so I’ll be doing a lot of learning before trying a real project, but I’m excited to try!

Meet Sally, my new dress form

Meet Sally, my new dress form

The dress form is going to need to be padded (heavily in some places, unfortunately). I’ve begun to research how to add a cover after you’ve padded it. The best source I can find is a Threads article by Kenneth King, but I don’t have a subscription. I don’t think it will be too hard; I’ll just pad out to the dimensions I want and then make a basic bodice into a cover. Kind of like a sloper, maybe. I’d like to see if I can add a belly to it after that and make a maternity dress for my brother’s wedding dress coming up in February. I dream big, so we’ll see. If not, then probably this will sit until after baby girl gets here.