A Pile Of Patterns

I’ve not worked on much this week.  I’ve done some knitting, but it doesn’t look different enough to bother with another picture. I didn’t get a chance to do any sewing, but I did carve out some time to support patterns.

In working on the sloper, I realized that much of my fabric was already claimed in my mind for a specific project. However, I didn’t always know exactly which pattern or even if there was enough fabric for what I wanted to do. So I started matching fabric and patterns. The yellow notes on there are notes to myself about notions or sizes or fitting.

A pile of patterns and fabric

A pile of patterns and fabric to be added to my always growing “to sew” list

I started to count, but when I got to the ones that are waiting on me drafting a pattern, I quit. That was at 23 so I’m guessing around 30. My number one priority to make is work pants. I’ve got two fabrics, one a cotton and the other a blend with no stretch. I’ve also got three pants patterns to choose from. The Vogue pattern came with Sandra Betzina’s Craftsy class, Pant Construction Techniques. It’s my least favorite of the styles, however.

Pants pattern options

Pants pattern options

Wrap-a-long pattern and fabric

Wrap-a-long pattern and fabric

My next one was already high on my list and then The Curvy Sewing Collective announced the wrap a long and this pattern was one of the recommended ones. Hopefully I can get my act together in time to do that.

At first I was going to prioritize beyond just the first couple, but I think that will just distract me. Focus will be key for me to get these actually done!


2 thoughts on “A Pile Of Patterns

  1. Hello Ladyreed, thanks for this post.
    I agree with you, the Sandra Betzina pattern doesn’t look like the nicest pants pattern ever, but I think I feel that way as I’m quite blessed in the hip department and fear that such a tapered leg will only make things look even hippier!

    Did you ever do the Pants Construction Techniques class? I’m thinking of doing this, but I’ve heard some negative reviews about this and even worse reviews about the Pants Fitting Class that I’m thinking before I purchase!
    I’ve seen some people have made successful pants from these classes, so I’m wondereing if theyre really that bad!
    Would love to see if you’ve made yours…

    All the best, J.


    • I did about 2/3 of the class. It was different than many of the other classes because it was more conversational style. It’s clear that Sandra Betzina knows her stuff and is an expert in her field, but I didn’t feel that it was teaching me so much as observing her. Eventually, she ended up sewing a pair of pants in the class, but at one point, I wondered if she’d forgotten that as it felt so tangent-y. I didn’t hate it, but it’s not my go to and I wouldn’t buy another of her classes.

      I actually bought a pants fitting class from Burda style that I have yet to watch. If that one turns out to be any good, I’ll post about it. Let me know if you find any good resources!


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