Knit Sloper, Round 1

I’ve been working on turning my moulage into actual usable patterns. First, I’m trying to get basic slopers done.

Here’s I’ve got my knit sloper pattern pieces. After tracing them off, I’ve just added the design lines right on there. I prefer to use tracing paper and a tracing wheel when I cut out patterns, so this keeps me from needing to trace off a new pattern for each different design element I want. Once I get the pattern fitting, I can have all my options on one sloper.

Knit Sloper Front

Knit Sloper Front

Knit Sloper Back

Knit Sloper Back (PS: the hem is straight on the bottom, the picture’s just at a weird angle. I promise!)

Pattern Lines

Pattern Lines

The problem, of course, is that I’m really struggling with the fit on this. I’ve tweaked and tweaked and it still looks really sloppy..

This sloper is just a basic t-shirt with a square neckline. Right now, it’s just basted together with no neck band or finished hems.

I know for sure that the front needs a little more room in the bust, and the hem is weird shaped.

Knit Muslin Front

Knit Muslin Front

For the back, it almost looks like I need to raise up the shoulder more, even though I’ve already taken out 1 1/2″. In addition the arm hole needs to be a little wider at the cross back.

Knit Sloper Back

Knit Sloper Back

Right now, I’m feeling like I should take a break from it and come back to it when I’m a little fresher. No reason to keep sewing on it when the frustration is this high. That’s part of the perks of a hobby 🙂


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