Knitting Again

I’ve picked up my knitting needles again after a long break. The last thing I knitted was a pair of socks. I got a Craftsy class (of course) called Knit Original Cuff Down Socks. I kept mine very simple, just a basic knitting around, nothing fancy. I got a self-striping yarn which kept it from being boring. The yarn is bamboo and wool so it’s a luxury on my feet. I finished these aloooong time ago (last year sometime) but haven’t blogged them and honestly, haven’t worn them. Not because they don’t fit or I don’t like them, but because I don’t want to put stinky sweaty feet into something I spent so much time and effort on! I know…. I’m working on getting over it…,. 🙂

My First Socks

My First Socks

The next project I’m going to see if I can finish in time to wear this fall. Considering I knit at a snails pace, maybe I should have set my sights on next fall…

This is a simple lace-y scarf pattern that was a free download from Interweave (sorry, not sure where that link is). I’m using a very special yarn for this one. During a business trip to Dallas, there was a yarn shop within walking distance of my hotel. I ate cheap, saved up per-diem money and bought a gorgeous, hand painted, deep purple wool skein. Since this was more of a memento than a true project, I just bought one skein. The pattern calls for 1.5 – 2 skeins, but it’s also expecting a smaller yarn size. I’m hoping that with the larger yarn and slightly larger needles, this scarf will still turn out a respectable size.

Whatever size it is, I will love it, mostly because it’s super comfy and a beautiful purple 🙂

Purple Scarf

Purple Scarf


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