Self-Drafted Pencil Skirt

One type of skirt that I didn’t often wear was a pencil skirt. It’s not because I didn’t like them; I love the look of them. But mass-produced pencil skirts that fit me through the hips require a smaller waist than I have. The only skirts I’ve had that even sort of had this shape were stretch fabrics of some kind.

But now I have no limitations on the pencil skirt! This is a self-drafted pattern and I love how it looks!

Completed pencil skirt

Completed pencil skirt

I did have to fiddle with the fit a little bit because I didn’t draft enough ease into it. I ended up having to let out both side seams, but take in a little bit at the center back for shaping. In the end it works, but it still tight enough that getting in and out of the car is a trick in lady-like maneuvering πŸ™‚

The back has an invisible zipper in the center back seam and a button closure on the waistband. I’m proud of myself for learning how to do the overlapping waistband and a button and buttonhole, but I didn’t do the best quality work on it (hence: no close up pictures…). There’s also a walking vent on the back seam, which I learned to do from this tutorial on A Fashionable Stitch.

Back of skirt

Back of skirt

Next skirt in my head to draft and make: a denim skirt with piping and pockets.


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