Me Made May Week 4: Summing it all up

Well, I did it! My first Me Made May! I hit my main goal and came close to my bonus goal. I do admit that I fudged on when my week started and ended. In the end, I wore four different me-made pieces approximately a week apart. Good enough for me! 🙂

Week 1: Batik Maxi Skirt
Week 2: Shirt Fail
Week 3: Funky Skirt
Week 4: Yellow and Black Skirt (no pics since I already blogged this one)

For my bonus goal for carrying accessories, I used the ring sling I made and I carried the purse I made, once I went back to work. So, I had a couple accessories for the month, but not as many as I’d hoped.

Because I was starting back to work after maternity leave, I figured my sewing time would be cut down too far to make much new. I thought I’d have to wear one of the two things I’d already made more than once. But no, I surprised myself and made three new items (and my husband is awesome and lets me disappear into the sewing room… ). One of the three things I made probably won’t get worn again, sadly, but I’ll chalk that up to a learning experience and move right along!

I’m so glad that I decided to go for this and that I completed my challenge. Most of all though, I’m glad I decided on a reasonable (for me) goal. Now I’m even more motivated to get sewing on a wardrobe. By next year, maybe I’ll be ready to sew with the big girls! 🙂


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