April Lucky Star Block Finished

I’ve completed the April block. I’m so close to being caught up! I don’t think I’ll get May’s done this month, but I think I can get both May and June done next month. That means it only took me half the year to catch up. (When I say it like that, it doesn’t feel so warm and fuzzy…. Oh, well, better late than never! )

To state the obvious, but something that I’m still excited about: I’m getting better and better with each block I sew. Since this was a block with 8 seams in the middle, I was able to practice keeping the bulk down and getting all the seams lined up (since January’s really didn’t go well). I was halfway there; I got the seams lined up nicely, but the bulk was ridiculous! I’ll just have to make sure my quilting doesn’t go straight through there.

Lucky Stars BOM April

Lucky Stars BOM April

Ok, May, here I come!

Don’t Call Me Betsy - the 2014 Lucky Stars BOM Club


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