Bobbin Tension Issues in my Brother Machine

I sew on a Brother BC-1000 sewing machine. To be perfectly honest, I don’t actually remember buying it or even remember when I bought it. I’m pretty sure I had it in college? Maybe not though because I don’t have any memory of jamming it into my tiny apartment. Either way, it’s been a while since I’ve had this machine and it’s been very good to me. I think the most I’ve abused it is when I made my purse on it. It really didn’t like all the layers of fake leather and interfacing, etc. But it pulled through and made me a wondeful bag that I’ve gotten lots of compliments on.

Brother BC-1000 sewing machine

Brother BC-1000 sewing machine. She’s been very good to me!

Awhile back, my steady little machine started having issues. It looked like bobbin tension issues to me. In spite of thoroughly scouring the manual and many many Google searches, I couldn’t seem to find anything on it. So I drove the 40 minutes to the closest Brother repair place.

Bobbin Tension Issues

Bobbin Tension Issues

When I got there, I showed the man my fabric sample. He spent exactly half of one second looking at it and said, “Bobbing threading issue.” Of course, this confused me because I had re-threaded and re-threaded the bobbing and re-read the manual and then re-threaded again. Then he proceeded to show me how the plastic piece that I thread under first can come a little loose. All he did was push down on that as he threaded the bobbing, and presto change-o, perfect stitches! I so appreciate his honesty; he could have had me going that it was a major issue!

On my machine, you can kind of see the arm with an arrow on it directly below the bobbin That’s the piece that I have to push down on to make sure it threads under.

Bobbin Case With Cover

Bobbin Case With Cover

Here’s a close up of the bobbing without the cover. The part where the thread is going through is what wasn’t getting threaded. Now I know how to feel for it as I thread it, so no more issues.

Bobbin Case Close Up

Bobbin Case Close Up

I wanted to do a post on this since I couldn’t find much info out there on it. I hope it helps someone else to not have to take a trip to the repair shop. 🙂


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