Baby Wearing in DIY Ring Sling

DIY Ring Sling Baby Wearing

A friend of mine asked a group of us if we wanted to get together and make ring slings. Of course, I said yes! I love sewing and I’ve been wanting to try baby wearing to see if it helps on the fussy/no napping days. We weren’t able to coordinate a time to get together; instead she sent me a link to the tutorial she uses, here. She had the rings already and I bought one from her.

I’m still getting used to it, and Baby isn’t sure how she likes it either. I’m still practicing with it and I like it a lot so far. Once Baby can hold her head up better, I think she’ll like it a little more, too. In this picture, she’s actually screaming her head off. 🙂

DIY Ring Sling Baby Wearing

DIY Ring Sling Baby Wearing


Becuase Baby Girl had gotten her shots on Friday, she was extra fussy. My mom’s birthday was Saturday and we were going out to eat as a family. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to try to get this sling finished and use it to keep baby content at a restaurant and hopefully keep the loud baby from annoying others. Since DH had class in the morning and I had errands to run when he got back, I ended up with about 3 hrs to sew this. Fortunately, it only ended up taking me about 2 to 2.5 hrs. For me, that’s a quick sew! Here’s a couple things I did that I thought worked well that were specifically said to do in the tutorial.

Because the fabric was two different widths, I laid them down folds lined up, wider fabric on the bottom. Then, because I was in a hurry and preciseness was what suffered, I simply lined my 6.5″ wide quilting ruler on the smaller fabric’s edge and cut along it.

Cutting fabric for Ring Sling

Cutting fabric for Ring Sling

Next time saver was to pin the right sides together as I was cutting. Before I scooted the fabric down to cut the next section, I lifted the top layer out of the way and pinned the two right sides together, leaving the bottom layer out. When I was all done cutting and I’d squared up the two ends, I simply shook out the fabric, holding the right sides together and pinned the other side. Quick and easy.

Pinning right sides of fabric together while cutting

Pinning right sides of fabric together while cutting

I also finished the ends differently than the tutorial says. This wasn’t any easier or quicker, I just think it gave it a better finish. After turning the whole thing inside out, I did a quick iron on the seams and then top stitched around the entire piece (not just three sides like the tutorial says). That gave it a really sharp, clean edge on all sides. Then, instead of folding down the raw edge 1/2″, I simply folded the 5″ down and pressed, then continued with the instructions, lining up the finished edge with the pressed line. That was probably as clear as mud, so let me know if you have any questions.

My friend recommended that I make it only 28″ wide instead of the tutorial’s 33″ instructions. I’m glad I did (well, as close to 28″ as possible with my quick cut method) as I can barely move all the fabric through the ring as it is. That might be something to keep in mind if you’re making one yourself.


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