January Lucky Stars block finished

January Block - Abstract Orbit

January Block – Alternative Orbit

I have finally completed the January block for the Lucky Stars BOM. In January I knew I wouldn’t have time to sew the block, so I decided to use Photoshop and color it in, just for fun. I posted all the ones I did here. From those, I made the Alternative Orbit block. My favorite was Illusion but I forgot to write down fabric requirements, etc, before I went to the store, so I just got the colors for the only one I could remember. I’m glad I did, because I love this one! I’ve got a layout in mind for all the blocks that I think will set off the abstractness of the blocks nicely. (Assuming I ever make it that far, which is a pretty big assumption…)

This went together fairly easily except the final center seam. You can kind of see in the picture where it’s a bit weird. I don’t think I’m going to redo this as of now. It’s a pretty tiny issue and I think it will disappear in a full quilt with quilting on top of it. If it still bothers me when the other blocks are done, maybe I’ll fix it then.

Now, on to February! Dare I hope I acutally catch up?!

Don’t Call Me Betsy - the 2014 Lucky Stars BOM Club


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