Shiny Maternity Top

My brother got married at the end of February. I was nine months pregnant at the time and was huge! I wanted to have something nice to wear, but seeing as this could be the only time I would probably wear this outfit, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on this. During a pattern sale at Joann’s, I got Burda Style 7320 and decided to make view B, but sleeveless.

Originally, I planned to make a muslin shirt out of some crepe backed satin my mom had left over from a project and then a full dress out of some fabric that I got on clearance. I made my alterations to the paper pattern and tested a couple muslins (more on that later) but then ran out of time. I decided to just make the shirt from the fabric I got from Mom and call it good. Actually, it took me so long to get the alterations done that I didn’t think I was going to be able to get the shirt done at all, but insomnia had a silver lining (the only time ever!) and I woke up at 4:30 the day of the wedding and was able to finish it when I should have been sleeping.

Ok, so back to the pattern. Based on the packaging, I should have been a 24. When I cut a muslin of that, however, it fit horribly. Most of it was too big, except the bust which was still too small. So, I went back and used a size 22 and adjusted from there. The alterations I needed were: full bust, dowager hump (hate that name), and sway back. I think in a normal pattern I would have just done a short torso adjustment, but the way the FBA worked with the princess seams, a sway back worked better for me. I did three rounds of adjustments and two muslins and the fit was perfect.

I didn’t have to adjust the belly at all, which may mean for others, it would be too big. Like I said, I was huge! I know all pregnant women feel that way, but the doc was estimating a 9-10 lb. baby at that point. (She was born at 8 lbs. 13 oz., so thankfully she was estimating high) and I was carrying her all out front.

Overall, the shirt turned out very nice. I love the feel of the satin and the shininess of it looked fancy while actually being very comfortable. Since I was nine months pregnant, the fabric might have been too warm, but choosing the sleeveless option balanced it out nicely. I would make this again, if I needed to.

Enough talking, here’s the pictures. These aren’t the greatest because I almost forgot to take them at all. Just as I was starting to get ready for bed after a long day at the wedding and receptions, I got my husband to take these in the kitchen. Hopefully you can still see at least a little of the details.

How I Wore It

How I Wore It

I had a black sweater (cardigan?) on with a black skirt, black leggings and boots. I know it’s lots of black to a wedding, but it’s suppose to be slimming…..

Front Details

Front Details

I can’t believe I actually got the seams of the princess top to line up with the pleats in the bottom. Whohoo!

Back Details

Back Details

The back looks like it’s pulling funny here, but it’s just how I’m standing. It actually does fit very nicely.

This top is the first thing I’ve finished sewing for myself in who knows how long. It’s also the absolutely first time I’ve every done alterations on a pattern. Overall, I call it a total win!


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