Tatting it up!

Just because I don’t know when to quit, I bought another Craftsy class. This one? Shuttle Tatting! I’m surprised how many people I run into that haven’t heard of tatting, including people who work at big box craft stores. Try asking for tatting shuttles and get ready for blank stares. They have them, FYI, just not commonly asked for apparently. In case you want to know, both tatting shuttles and needles are by the crochet hooks. Now you know.

I’ve known about tatting because a friend of a friend tatted and made me a cross-shaped bookmark (which I’ve since lost, unfortunately). That was pretty much my only exposure to it, but I really liked the cross she gave me. So, since the class was on sale, but I didn’t know if I would be interested trying to tat, I decided to Google tatting to see what else you could make besides cross-shaped bookmarks.

I saw much of what I expected: lace doilies that looked like your great-grandmother would have made them. But then I saw other things, like this amazing Etsy shop, Totus Mel Tats. I think that’s what I saw that made me go, hey, this could be really cool! Also, the shop Yarnplayer (by the same lady who did the Crafsty class, Marilee Rockley) is has really pretty jewelry that I’m inspired by and want to make. Besides, any craft that you can use to make a model of an atoms is 1, not just a craft for your great-grandmother, and 2, something that makes my inner geek happy!

Here is my first tatted item (based on this TotusMel video) that I turned into a key chain.

Key chain with tatted embellishment

Key chain with tatted embellishment

I’ve also realized that I’m a complete failure at shuttle tatting (at least for now, haven’t made it through the Craftsy class yet, but I’m not sure there’s much hope for me.) and am sticking with needle tatting at the moment (thanks to TotusMel and RustiKate for their “how-tos” on needle tatting. Couldn’t have learned it without those!)

My first tatted item

My first tatted item

All of the links and information on this post are solely because I found the information useful. I did not receive any incentive or compensation for sharing.


5 thoughts on “Tatting it up!

  1. I started with needle tatting then a week later I got shown how to shuttle tat and I haven’t looked back. I love my shuttles. So if you find that you can’t do shuttle tatting, I will gladly take the shuttles off your hands… Lol… Good Luck and I hope you get the hang of it all. 🙂 Rogue


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