Finished Wonky Squares Quilt Top

I found a tutorial from Crazy Mom Quilts that I really liked called Movin’ On Up. I loved it the minute I saw it and knew I wanted to attempt it at some point. Not only did it look fun, it also looked easy enough for me to maybe actually finish it. For N’s birthday, I wanted to make him a quilt, so in I jumped. The top was finished with time to spare. The backing, quilting and binding? Well…… let’s just say birthday came and went and so did my motivation. He got a DVD instead. 😀

Here’s the finished top. I did it in blues and greens and it’s all flannel. So soft and comfy 🙂

Movin' On Up quilt top

Movin’ On Up quilt top

Here’s the partially done back…. More to come on this, hopefully sooner rather than later. 🙂 The back will be the cream colored flannel, with the strip of colors running down it. For one, it looks neat, for 2, it saves way much fabric! Instead of having to buy double the yardage for the back, I just used left over squares from the colors and added it in. I like the savings 🙂

Movin' On Up quilt back

Movin’ On Up quilt back

I do plan on finishing this quilt. Maybe not before the weather gets too warm to use it, but that’s ok. We’ll have a brand new quilt ready for next year’s cold weather.


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