Possible Blog Revival?

Oh my goodness. It’s been since September since I posted anything. Wow. I’ve been so happily blasting from one thing to the next in my real life that my poor blog got sadly neglected.

In the meantime of life, I’ve visited my brand-new-baby nephew, been on vacation, stood up with Little Sister at her wedding, finished one school term and started another, continued teaching a women’s study class at church and added a second study class on a weeknight, in addition to everyday work. Like I said, blasting happily along.

The bustle hasn’t stopped my crafting. Slowed it a bit, perhaps, but not smothered it. Since I do have somethings to share, I’ve been pondering how to revive this, whether I should just jump in where I’m at or try to catch things up a bit. I think I’m going to go with the latter, mostly due to wanting to share pictures from my vacation, Little Sister’s wedding, and, of course, baby nephew pictures. šŸ˜€

Here’s to a fabulous, full, and beautiful life!

Kisses at Spearfish Canyon Falls

Kisses at Spearfish Canyon Falls. I am the luckiest woman alive!


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