40th Anniversary Card

I was looking at my blog the other day and realized that I hadn’t posted some of the little projects I’d been working on. So, here’s an update from a (good, long) while back.

A couple friends of our family was celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. While I wanted to make a card using our Cricut, I couldn’t find anything I liked on any of our cartridges. I went into Craft Room and designed a simple merged text that I liked using Lyrical Letters. Then I fought the silly computer for almost an hour or more just to get all the software right and everything connected, etc, etc, etc. Pain.

The long and short of it is that I won the battle of making it work, but at the cost of running out of time for the overall project (doing this at the last minute? who? me? never!). While I don’t hate the card, I can’t say I’m horribly impressed with it, either. Hopefully next time, I’ll start a little sooner so I can have time to fight the Cricut and still design the card decently.

40th Anniversary Card

40th Anniversary Card

Mom was also making a card for the same couple. I love crafting with Mom! 🙂


Mom working the Cricut

Mom working the Cricut. It didn’t fight her, go figure.


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