Learning about Crocodile Scales

My friend Leah introduced me to a fun new crochet stitch called the crocodile scale stitch. I really think that its name is a misnomer because it looks way to soft and fun to have come off of a crocodile. Names aside, I’ve been working on learning this new stitch. I’ve got it down and I’ve even done some color changes at the end to make it look like feathers. Or at least I think it looks more like feathers. When I show it to people, they tend to respond with something like, “Oooh, hmm, uh uh. No, I can see it, really.”

Jury’s out on the feather-y-ness of it all, but here’s the swatch I did to learn and play:

Learning Crocodile Stitch

Learning crocodile stitch, but hoping it looks like feathers

I have great and fantastic (and possibly unrealistic) plans for this as I’m determined to make some sort of owl out of this goodness. Don’t hold your breath, but I reserve to say a satisfied “I told you so” if I actually come up with anything decent down the road. πŸ™‚


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