Starting on a Quilted Wallhanging

After I finished the Spring Chicken Sampler turned baby quilt, I thought the next thing I’d do on it would be to quilt it. Did you laugh? Cause I sure did! 😀

Of course, I’m already on to the next quilt project without quite finishing the first one. However, in my defense (maybe?), I’m not sure about how to quilt it, so I’m not comfortable doing the quilting right now. Translation: I don’t wanna cause I think I’ll screw it up.

Either way, the project I’m working is fantastic and fun and more than enough to distract me from finishing the other quilt. 😉 I bought a book called Fat Quarter Quilts and I’m working on a really really really neat one from there. For now, until it’s finished, I’ll just leave you with some color combos and a working shot. (Oh, that sounds edgy and like I know what I’m doing… ok, well, maybe not, but it sounds cool, anyway.)

A hint of beautiful mountains

A hint of beautiful mountains

So many triangles

So many triangles

Messy quilting space

Messy quilting space makes for great quilts!


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