The Spring Chicken Sampler – First Quilt Top Finish

Drum roll, please! I finally finished the top to the Spring Chicken Sampler! After all the blocks I added 3 in. sashing. The total measurement is approx. 40 x 33 which happily falls into baby blanket size. I don’t have any plans as to where this blanket will go to live. It seems odd to me to give it as a gift since it’s got both blue and pink in it, so maybe I’ll pack it away for a hope chest item for me. No matter where it finally goes to stay, I call it a win! 🙂

Without further ado, here it is in all its glory (or as much glory as I could muster for it, if you’ll please ignore the bad picture quality…).



Row 1: Dutchman’s Puzzle and King’s Crown

Row 2: Nine Patch on point

Row 3: Rosebud Block and Sarah’s Choice



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