Return to the Spring Chicken

Between moving and birthday’s and Mother’s Day and baby showers, I’ve had to put my Spring Chicken Sampler on hold. However, life is beginning to stabilize again after all the moving and living, so I’m back and ready to finish up this project.

I realized with this project that the dimensions it was going to be were not that far off from a crib size baby quilt. So, rather than have this be put in the “oh, it’s so pretty, but what do I do with it” pile that a sampler would get put in, I decided to up the finished size of the quilt and make it into something useful. In order to do that, I had to add a six inch row to the middle and add sashing (which I already had planned on) and an additional border to it.

The additional middle row I decided to make a row of nine patch on point blocks. I couldn’t find a pattern for a 6″ block, but what I did find was a 12″ block that had a 6″ center that was a nine patch on point. The pattern I pulled it from, called Nine Patch Star, is found here. I followed the directions under the first two sections, Making Nine-Patch and Making Center Block, then I stopped. What I ended up with was three blocks that looked like this.

Six inch middle row

Six inch on point nine patches for the middle row

I’ve finished sewing the individual rows together. Next up, sashing and borders!


Row 1: Dutchman’s Puzzle and King’s Crown

Row 2: Nine Patch on point

Row 3: Rosebud Block and Sarah’s Choice

All three rows

All three rows lined up as they’ll be on the quilt. Sashing and borders to come.


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