First Finish! It’s A Baby Quilt!

This last weekend included a first for me. I completed my first quilt! It was a baby quilt for my  sister-in-law’s shower. I had waited till the week of the shower and I fully intended to buy her something due to my rather busy schedule. Then, I saw the cutest fabric and new I had to make it into a quilt for her and the new baby. I also knew that if I tried to piece a top I wouldn’t have time (this was late Thursday night, the shower was on Saturday afternoon and my Saturday morning was already booked). However, the fabric I’d found was printed in squares that gave it a vaguely quilted feel, so I decided to do a small quilt sandwich with the fabric just as it was and do a wholecloth type quilt.

This would be my first full quilting job. I’d done some small samples before, but I hadn’t quilted anything full scale yet and I was a little intimidated. I got around my mental block with that, however, by adjusting my schedule to include a small window on Saturday that I knew I could run and get a backup present if I absolutely had to. 🙂 With that safety net in place, I was ready to jump in!

I started in on the quilt first thing after dinner on Friday night and got it finished in the middle of the night, but it was soooooooooo worth it!

For the quilting, I did an all over stipple pattern, to keep it simple. For the binding, due to the fact that the quilting got done a little bit after I normally go to bed, I decided to do a “cheating” binding to help me get some much needed shut eye. It’s not really cheating; it’s also called a roll over binding. I need to do a quick finish and that’s what worked for me. At that point, with all the time jammed into the quilt so far, I wasn’t letting any stinking binding keep me from finishing!

Here’s some pictures of my first ever finished quilt!

(Click on the images to view them larger.)


6 thoughts on “First Finish! It’s A Baby Quilt!

  1. Well done on your 1st quilt! I am new to quilting myself, and love every second spent behind my sewing machine, if its binding or free motion quilting, nothing can keep my away from my sewing room. Love your baby quilt!


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