The Crafting Domain

I’m so excited. And, no, I can’t hide it! I’ve got a fantastic new craft room set up. While I was very happy with the corner that I had in the last place, I can’t say I’m very sad to leave it behind with a new larger space.

I’ve set it up so I have a U-shape around my sewing machine. On the left is more table space, which I will use mostly for cutting, but I can also use it for quilting a larger quilt (once I get my skills up to that level…). On the right is my bookshelf with all my supplies I like to have on hand and the ironing board. I actually have space to have the iron and ironing board set up all the time!

I’ve got a second bookshelf which will be general storage and the bedroom has a built in nook with shelves that are perfect for storing fabric, etc.

I’m so pumped to get my space set up. I’ve already made one item here, a purse for mom, so I know that it works very well. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go sew something! 🙂

(Click to view pictures larger.)


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