Spring Chicken Sampler Block 4

For the fourth block of the sampler, I chose to do a half square triangle version of the Lemoyne Star, called Sarah’s Choice. I love the Lemoyne Star, but the set-in seams seemed daunting, so I love that I got to play with the look of it with a much simpler construction using the half square triangles.

I modified the pattern a little bit to include all four of my colors, namely by using two backgrounds. This meant an even easier block because I used all HST instead of having flying geese units on the sides. I like simpler!

I made four of these units, then combined into the full block.

One quarter of the finished block

One quarter of the finished block

I learned a lot about getting seams lined up on this one. My seam ripper and I are much better friends after this block! Here’s an example of how NOT to sew two quarters together.

Missed the seams!

Missed the seams!

After all the sewing and seam ripping and re-sewing was done, here’s my completed block.

The completed Sarah's Choice block

The completed Sarah’s Choice block

For the more astute of my readers, you may have noticed that this completes the list of blocks I’d originally decided to make. So am I done? Oh no, of course not! There’s been some scope creep on this project and I have ideas to make it way better! (hopefully) Stay tuned for more Spring Chicken Sampler still to come!

If you’d like to see the other blocks in the sampler, here’s a list of links to the squares I’ve completed so far:


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