Spring Chicken Sampler Block 3

The third block is completed! This block is called the Rosebud block. It’s not the traditional rosebud block, but I believe the author refers to it as the Kansas City Star Rosebud block. If you’re not aware, the Kansas City Star newspaper is famous in the quilting world for having printing a weekly quilting block from the 1928 to 1961. Here‘s a little article that gives some historical information about it. While I’ve yet to find one authoritative source, I have found several different compilations that look interesting. My top two are Star Quilts and My Stars.

After all that, I’m still not completely sure that’s where this block came from. I haven’t been able to track it down exactly. For all I know, this is a completely original pattern by the lady who wrote the article.

Anyway, now that we’ve journeyed there and back on that tangent….

This block is a very straight-forward block, so even my beginner skills didn’t have any issues. Without further ado, here’s my Rosebud block.

Completed Rosebud Block

Completed Rosebud Block

If you’d like to see the other blocks in the sampler, here’s a list of links to the squares I’ve completed so far:


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