Life Is a Project

Well, from the look of this blog, you might think that I’ve given up any kind of crafting. Not in any way true. However, my time has been taken up by some other fun things, just not crafty things. So here’s a project update, maybe a “cheating” one, but it’s a true update of what I’ve been up to.

  • School! I’ve just finished Spring I term. For those unaware, I’m working towards a second bachelor’s degree in Computer/Information Science. Fun. Sort of. Anyway, this term was Calculus and Java programming. Of course, the programming was a blast, but calculus just about beat me up. I did win in the end, but it was a tough fight.
  • House hunting! Love this! We’ve picked the most awesome house in the world to buy. We’ve been working for the last 3 weeks to get all the details finalized and are hopefully going to close on Apr 2. Prayers going up and fingers crossed!
  • Church! I’ve been leading a women’s class at church on Sunday mornings (9:00 at Living Hope, for those in the area.) While this is very rewarding, it’s also a bit stressful as I’ve never really done a women’s class before. I’ve taught bible studies based on other people’s books, but this is a good bit different. Not bad, but different. God is teaching me lots of things through it!

This stuff alone (along with work, of course) has had me pretty booked for the last couple months. Here’s to having some free time!

I did squeeze a little project time in this last weekend, as it was the first weekend I had with no homework! Yay! While I thought I’d be a machine on my first Saturday with some time to craft, I ended up just being so excited to be working on stuff, that I bounced from project to project. It was a bit therapeutic, I think. My brain needed to just unwind and unfocus and breath. Not that brains breath, but you know what I mean.

So here’s a couple of pictures of things I did work on and some beeee-yu-tiful fabric. πŸ™‚ (Click any picture to view it larger.)

Thanks for listening to my life story from the last couple months. πŸ™‚ I hope to get back to crafting updates soon!


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