A Second FMQ Quilt-a-long

In addition to the Free Motion Project quilt-a-long that I’ve been doing, there’s another FMQ quilt-a-long happening in the blog world that I’m very excited to be joining in on. It’s over at SewCalGal and it’s a monthly quilt-a-long that’s going to go on all year. More information can be found here.

The pattern was a simple but very pretty leaf motive. While the design was fairly simple, I found that my newly aquired free motion quilting skills were definitely challenged by it. It required a steady size for the leaves and an eye on where my lines were leading. (I only ran off the quilt sandwich once. šŸ™‚ )

Once I felt I’d gotten a good feel of the basic pattern, I decided to expand on the idea and see what other pretty leaves I could come up with. I tried adding swirls and echoing the shape as well as some other generic leaf shapes. While doodling with ideas, I noticed also, that if you flip the leaf upside down, it becomes a heart shape.

When I first saw this quilt-a-long, I almost didn’t join because I felt my skills were way to new to be able to keep up. However after working on this pattern, I’m very glad I tried it out. It’s been fun and challenged my sewing skills as well as my creative side. I’m so excited for the rest of the challenges as well as continuing to refine this months pattern.

(Click any picture to view it larger.)


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