FMQ Quilt-a-long Week 3

A couple of days ago, I managed to squeeze a much to short amount of time in to do some FMQ work. This is for week 3 of the Free Motion Project’s quilt-a-long. If you’re counting, yes, I did skip a week. I’m back in school for the Spring I term, taking Calculus and Analytic Geometry I and Programming Fundamentals. I know, sounds like such a blast. Anyway, calculus won the battle for my time last week. This week, however, I fought triumphantly (aka: ignored some of the studying I should have done 😉 ) and found some time to sew.

It was only a small practice piece and I tried to do small medium and large scale squiggles. However, the medium sized was kind of a fail; it’s pretty much the same size as the small. Leah’s moving on from squiggles this week, but I may find some time (in between calculus and programming and working… ?) to try another practice square. I’m also getting bored with the plain practice squares. It sure makes it easy to see where and how I’m stitching, but I’m kind of ready to work on something pretty, functional, or both. Maybe make that pillow that I liked? Who knows?

An attempt at scale

An attempt at scale



5 thoughts on “FMQ Quilt-a-long Week 3

  1. Your stippling looks good. I’ve been making donation quilts and stippling them – much more fun than practice sandwiches. Not sure how you are finding time to quilt – many years ago when I carried a schedule like you have, I just wanted time to sleep! Best of luck with your goals I’m a retired computer science and statistics prof with time to quilt. ~Jeanne


  2. That is great you were able to make time to FMQ on a sample. That is one of the things I like about the weekly quilt along, it makes me find time every week, no matter how busy I get, to go sit for a bit at the machine. Your sample looks great.


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