Happy Birthday, Blog!

As hard as it is for me to believe, it was exactly one year ago today that I started this blog. When I started it, I wasn’t sure whether I would have the focus to keep this blog going, but here I am, one year later, and this will be my 48th post!

Not only have I learned to document and follow up on the projects I’ve worked on, but I’m gaining crafting skills as well. I’ve learned, most importantly, to set up my crafting space in such a way that I can sew for 20 minutes, if that’s all I have. Little bits of crafting every few days finishes projects faster than I ever would have thought, as well as brings a little bit of happy creativity into my days.

One of the things that I did that helped me keep this blog going was to set one, small, trackable goal. That goal was to update the blog weekly with what I was working on. I didn’t succeed every week, but it gave me something to come back to when I did get distracted.

In the spirit of that success, I’m going to set new goals for the blog for next year. I’m going to continue with the weekly update of something that I’ve worked on. In addition, I’d like to to start posting tutorials for at least one aspect of the project I worked on. I won’t re-invent the wheel; if I followed a good tutorial to learn how to do it, I’ll link to that. However, I’d like to add some element of my own into the project, so I can detail out how I did that piece of it at the least. Again, I’ll be shooting to do this on a weekly schedule.

I hope that you have a great New Year and happy crafting!


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