Christmas Roundup 2011

What a fun Christmas I’ve had! I hope your Christmas was as full of family and food and fun as mine was. Some of the best news? I’m going to be an aunt next year! Yay! 🙂 🙂 To announce it, my sister-in-law gave a framed sonogram photo to her parents with the word “Grandma” on it. This is the first grandbaby on their side, so this produced lots of tears. It was so sweet!

Another thing that made this year different for me was how many presents I was able to make! I may have waited till the last minute for some (who? me?!), so there was a little bit of last minute scrambling, but I definitely think it was still a success. Here’s my list of completed (or in the case of one, almost completed) Christmas gifts:

(Click on the pictures to view them larger)

  • For Nathan, KU pajama pants. I didn’t want to give away anything about what I was working on, so I wasn’t able to measure the elastic or hem them until after he opened them. I’ll be working on finishing that up today. The pattern I used was a Simplicty pattern.
    N's pajama pants

    N's pajama pants

    Detail of pocket

    I followed a pattern for the pants, but I added the detailing on the pocket and love how it turned out.

  • For Mom, I embellished a set of tea towels for her. My original plan was to embellish several sets for her, but due to how late I got started with it all, I decided to embellish one, buy a couple more, and promise to make her more in the future. 🙂 I bought the tea towel and Googled to find the angel image.
    Different angel shape cutout sizes

    I had to print out the angel shape in a lot of different sizes before I could decide which one to use

    Embellished tea towels

    Two 'appliqued' tea towels. The applique shape is finished off with gold glitter fabric paint.

  • For my sister, I made her a necklace and bracelet. I started from a kit, and I have to say, that’s definitely the way to go. It was quick and easy and she liked it. Success!
    Completed necklace and bracelet

    Completed necklace and bracelet

    Bead pattern on the bracelet

    Bead pattern on the bracelet

  • For a friend, I made a purse; it’s crocheted and lined. It’s also got a zipper pocket, set in pockets, and a magnetic clasp. I haven’t given it to her yet, but I’m really hoping she loves it, ’cause I think it’s fantastic! The pattern is from the same book as the Hobo Tote I made. It’s the Must Have Handbags, designed by Drew Emborsky.
    Outside of the purse

    In the picture it's difficult to see, but the yarn is sparkly. Fun!

    Inside of the purse

    Inside of the purse, it has a zipper pocket on one side, side pockets on the other side, and closes with a magenetic clasp

  • For another friend, I’m making a scarf with pockets on the ends. I was hoping to have this done by now, but due to getting a fever on Christmas day and feeling under the weather since then, I’ve fallen a little behind. This pattern is from Red Heart, here. I modified it to add the pockets.

    Pocketed Scarf

    Pocketed Scarf


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