As Big As Me Table Runner

This project was actually from the week before Thanksgiving, but due to all the holiday busyness, I almost forgot about getting this project posted.

I found some wonderful fall fabric on sale and thought I’d make a table runner for my mom. I had an idea in my head about what I wanted it to look like (dangerous way to start), so I was looking for a pattern that fit what was in my head.

Of course, I couldn’t find anything that quite lined up with what I wanted, so I thought, how hard can it be? Wrong question, or maybe, wrong answer. Turns out trying to do triangle ends is a little harder than I figured. Oh well, live and learn.

Also, I really had no idea how long this would turn out. I guess I should say that I knew how many inches this would make, but I had no idea how long that would look like in real life. Lucky for me, it still kind of works on Mom’s table. Next time, I’ll measure before I cut. 😉

Even though I really really really don’t like having UFO’s sitting around (and the point of this blog is to help me finish things), I think I’m going to have to set this one aside for a while to concentrate on Christmas, some upcoming birthdays, and some other projects I’ve already got in the hopper ( I know, bad!, but there’s so many fun things out there!).

So here’s my slightly larger than expected table runner. (Click on picture to view it larger.)


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