Quilted Table Topper Success

This last weekend, I completed the table topper that I started my quilting adventure with. And the part I’m most excited about? It didn’t take me months and months to finish it! Whoohoo! I think this may mean I’m making progress in my battle against UFO sightings? (UnFinished Objects, for those of you unfamiliar with the term.)

Anyway, back to the project at hand. The overall quality of the project was pretty good for it being a first try (if I do say so myself). I have some things to learn on binding, like why it sits kind of wavy instead of nice and flat. It could have something to do with the first seam around it being 3/8″ instead of the 1/4″ seam it was suppose to be. I had to tug and pull pretty good to get the binding wrapped around it completely, so maybe that’s it. Or it could be that I need to get a walking foot to pull the top and bottom through more evenly. Or both. Or neither. I’m still learning. 🙂 The mitered corners were hard, so I’m pretty excited about them coming out respectable. (Note: respectable, not particularly good).

I do have one thing left to do and that’s sew in the loose threads from my quilting. Again, newbie here, so I decided to do small geometric, unconnected shapes when I quilted it. It looks exactly like I wanted it to, and I love it and wouldn’t change it. However, now I have to sew in all the loose threads from each disconnected shape. Next time, I’m going to go with a “real” quilting pattern instead of one I just make up, even if my made up one looks cooler. 😉

Enough talk! Show the pictures! (Click on picture to view them larger.)



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