My First Quilting Adventure

After the success of the potholders, I decided to try a real pieced quilt something. Again, not wanting to bite off more than I could chew, I decided to make a centerpiece for my table. I had seen a video tutorial on making a double four square piece, so I used that to come up with a design I liked and went from there.

My first block!

My first block!

For the last few weeks, I’ve been reading everything I can find on the internet about quilting and watching video tutorials left and right. In my head, I feel like a real expert. 😉 However, theory and real world sometimes aren’t the same. In this case, it wasn’t anything too different than what I expected, but the end result looked pretty different than what I thought it would look like.

The whole thing was fun and quick and I highly enjoyed making it. Overall, a giant success. 🙂 Next step, quilting and binding!

Finished table topper

Finished table topper


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