Embroidery Revived

In high school, embroidery was often my craft of choice, both counted and free-style. (Is free-style the right name? I doubt it…) Then there was this one amazingly beautiful counted cross stitch pattern with a violin and roses and music. After some intense work on it, however, I miss counted one row. Frustration and a lack of enough floss to rip it out and try again led to the project being abandoned. That was my last foray into the world of embroidery. Until our vacation, that is.

I had been given this dresser runner as a present during my embroidery days and it had been stashed away since then. While digging through some old supplies, I ran across it and it seemed like the perfect project to take with me and work on while we were on vacation. It was also fairly simple and usable; two aspects of a project I appreciate. So, it got packed and I surprisingly actually worked on it. And more surprisingly, actually enjoyed it.

As you’ll be able to see in the pictures, my technique is a little bit rusty, but on the whole, I’m pretty pleased with how it’s going so far. How long will it take me to finish it? Now, that’s a difficult question to answer… πŸ™‚


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