Time Away

For our anniversary, my N and I decided to rent a little cabin about 4 hours away from home and hang out there doing as little as possible. It was so wonderful. We were enough in the middle of nowhere that wen didn’t even have cell service. Bliss! I’d taken along some portable projects to work on while we were there, because, really, how can you truly relax if your not crafting something? 😉 There was also a little creek not to far from our cabin that we walked down to one day. So pretty!

After a few days there, we went back into the “real world” (if I dare call it that) and met with a dear friend from college for lunch and my old roommate from college for dinner. I knew I’d be glad to see old friends, but I didn’t know how good. There’s something truly special about not seeing someone for a long time and being able to step back into that friendship over dinner.

I wanted to post some of the pictures of the creek and cabin and the trip in general. My next few posts will be about the fun crafts I worked on.


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