Inspired by Color

I’ve recently been introduced to a new designer, thanks to the knitting group I’m in at work. One of the ladies commented on an upcoming workshop by a designer that she loved, Kaffe Fassett. I’d never heard of him, so this of course prompted some Googling. He’s known primarily for his use of color in all his works. And he has a lot of works. He’s done mosaics, quilting, knitting, needlework, and probably some other things that I’m missing.

After viewing some of the pictures in his gallery, I felt so excited and inspired! I wanted my world to be that colorful, too! Even with the poor quality images that come over the web, all his work seemed so vibrant and full of energy. The workshop that’s coming up looks interesting to me, but unfortunately it’s already sold out. 😦 There’s a discussion on Friday night by the designer himself, so I may still go to that. Both the lecture and the workshop are sponsored by The Studio and will be held at the Nelson-Atkins. More info is available at the Studio’s site.

He has a gallery of his work on his own site, and I’ve picked out some of my favorites from there. Fassett designs fabrics as well, so it’s interesting to look at quilts done by others with his patterns or fabrics or both. Here’s a few of my favorites, both from Fasset’s own work and from other’s work.


Needlepoint work


Fasset's creation. This one's called the wedding quilt.

Fasset's creation


A individual's interpretation of the the squares quilt, using some of his designed fabric.


I love the use of color to create the feeling of shadow.


Mosic work done around his studio


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