Scrapbooking and Card Inspiration

While looking around the internet for card inspiration and ideas, I found these two sites. For the first one,, I’m kind of surprised I didn’t find it earlier considering how wide-spread it seems to be. Anyway, it’s got a lot (and I mean a lot) of really cool ideas and inspiration. I’m excited to keep digging through it to see what I can find, specifically in the favorites card gallery. This is just one example of some of the fun things there; I could have picked out 10 I liked. 🙂

Butterfly Card

Butterfly Card

The second site I found feels like a missing piece of my scrapbook puzzle that I didn’t know was missing. It’s and it’s basically ideas for layouts. Sounds simple, but they’re much better layouts than anything I could come up with. In addition, samples are shown on how other people have interpreted the designs. Everyone of the examples is very cool, but I did manage to pick just one to show. Barely. 🙂

Example Page Map

Example Page Map

Page Built from the Page Map

Page Built from the Page Map


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