Warm hands are here!

I am so excited. I have completed a pair of wonderful fingerless gloves. Purple, of course and cozy. 🙂 It was definitely fun to work on making the second glove exactly like the first one, and, in my opinion, I succeeded.

Also, I could tell how much faster I’m knitting now: I was able to finish the second glove in less than a day. I visited my parents house after church on a Sunday and finished the glove somewhere around dinner time. Whooohoo!

The other project I completed is a crochet bag. I’d like to say that I started and finished this bag in one week, however, that wouldn’t be anywhere close to true. In fact, I started this bag over two years ago. I know, I’m a little sad about having to admit it. Part of why I got stuck was the handle. The way the pattern called to finish the handle was going to give a nice, strong handle. However, the stitch to do it was tedious and painful. Yes, this is the same bag mentioned here.

While at knitting group, one of the ladies had a pattern book with her and in it was a pattern for a bag very similar to mine. So what did I do? I stole the idea for how to finish the bag from that book. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, right? After two years, at least it’s finally complete.


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