Here come warm hands

Since I’ve learned to knit, I now have  away to fix a dilema that I’ve had for a while. While sitting and typing at work, my hands get freezing cold. Gloves or mittens , of course, won’t work for obvious reasons. What’s girl to do? How about knitting, you guessed it! fingerless gloves! I’m fairly well along on the first one. Exciting!

The beginning of warm hands

I had leftover yarn from the white dishcloth I made, so I decided to make my mom one as well. It was going very well right up until the second to last round. That’s when I knew I wasn’t going to have enough yarn for the pattern. I modified and tweaked (and ended up sewing a little bit, too. Don’t ask) and made it kind of work. It still looks mostly decent, and, well, it’s a dishcloth. 🙂

Mom's (slightly funky) dishcloth, and random flowers


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