Noggin Project Update

The good news is the hat is done. The bad news is the hat is done… badly. 😦 I just keep reminding myself that I’m just learning and how many important things I’ve learned in this project, like how important it is to have all the right tools at the beginning of the project. After dropping way too many stitches off my needles, I finally went and got the end stopper things. Too late to fix the issues with the funny looking stitches (one thing I didn’t learn is how to pick up stitches without making them look like crap, still working on that), but lesson learned.

This hat was originally for my husband, but I’m too embarrassed to have him tell people that I made it. So, I put it on my very cute little cousin (which made him look like a little gnome! 🙂 ) to try to up the cute value of the hat. It worked! 😀 Hopefully, these pics will be the last sighting of the hat….


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